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Circle Polorizing Filter – PL – Kodak

  • Xtremely robust and durable - high translucency - no optical distortion.
  •  KODAK Pro Series CPL Filters produce particularly sharp colours of blue skies and of green nature.
  •  Eliminates the scattering of light snow by eliminating surface reflection.
  •  Increases the saturation which further enhances the effect of the blue color.
  • 16 Layer Coating.

Nisi Pro Variable ND – 1-5 Stops

Nisi Nd – Vario .3 to 1.5 Pro nano True Color Variable ND for rent cochin kochi kozhikode thrissur

Variable ND Filter – Kodak

  • Eliminates Over-Exposed & Washed Out Images.
  • One filter for different neutral density.
  •  Can be used with slow shutter sped under strong sunlight exposure.
  •  Variable Range with 11 stops for ND2-ND2000